Thank you for stopping at my website! As a new author and a widow, I invite you to learn about my grief journey in the hope that it may help you, a friend, or a family member cope with the tragedy of loss.

No one wants to be a widow or a widower.  When you become one, you feel extremely helpless, angry, confused, depressed, isolated, scarred, and most importantly, never the same again.  Feelings you had about life entirely change.  Things you used to care about suddenly become meaningless, and your impressions of the future are exchanged with impressions you feel for the hour or the day.

The loss of a soul mate is similar to being adrift on the ocean with no anchor and no base for which you find enjoyment in life.  This is a difficult feeling to get used to and becoming comfortable in this new role takes a great deal of faith and patience.

Having been thrust into the role of widowhood overnight, I found my world had been turned upside down.  As a young widow, I found it even more difficult to understand why this had happened to me.  Understandably, there is always the chance one spouse will pass before the other, but to me that seemed decades away.  So, making sense of what happened and struggling with such an unexpected and tragic loss was a lesson like no other.  Because no one near me could fathom the depth of my personal loss and my emotions as a young widow, I found it necessary to turn to writing to release my anguish.

Through the Ice is the result of the many pain-filled days and nights I endured during the first year of the loss of my husband.  It became my poetic journal through this period of grief, and I offer it as a tool for the many other people who are chosen to walk the path of grief.

We are a select group of individuals with strengths we may have never even known.  We have a common bond forever.